Here you’ll find all my blog posts categorized into a structure that will hopefully make it easy for you to navigate data on various topics.

To assist with that process everything’s organized into these sections:

  • IT Infrastructure Services & Hardware
  • Data Wrangling, Analysis and Visualization
  • IT Tools, Cloud, Security & Other IT
  • Process Improvement Methodologies
  • Japan Business, Culture & Other useful information
  • Well-being & Personal Development
  • Book Review
  • Blogging
IT Infrastructure Services & Hardware

IT Hardware : Understanding the Building Blocks
Understanding Data Center and Service Desk Operations
Cisco Unified IP Phone : A Basic Setup Guide
Enterprise IT Infrastructure & Support
ITSM and System Management Tools : A Basic Guide
JP1/ITDM2 : A Basic Guide

Data Wrangling, Analysis and Visualization 

Getting started with Excel Macros
Data Analysis using Excel
Data Analysis using Python
Working on MS Excel using Python OpenPyXL Library
Understanding Google Sheets Basics
Data Visualization : MS Excel Dashboard Basics
Data Visualization : Google Data Studio Dashboard Basics
AppSheet : The No-code App Development Platform
Microsoft Forms : Getting Started Guide
Getting Started with Power Query
Microsoft Power BI : Getting Started Guide

IT Tools, Cloud, Security & Other IT 

Useful Tools for IT Professionals
Useful Microsoft Outlook Tips & Tricks
Microsoft IME : A Brief Overview
vSphere beginner’s guide
Cybersecurity : A Quick reference guide
IT Security Vulnerabilities and Exploitation
Network Management System : Let’s get to the basics
Network Function Virtualization(NFV) & SDN made simple
what is CloudBand?
Introduction to Virtualization and Cloud computing
An Introduction to AWS Cloud & APN
A Beginner’s Guide to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
An Introduction to OCI Cloud Operations
Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud : Getting Started Guide
Launch a Web Server on AWS Cloud
Launch a DB Server and Interact with your DB on AWS Cloud
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals : An Overview
Launch a Webserver on Azure : A Step by Step Guide
OneNote : Basic to Advanced Guide
Few More Useful Tools for IT Professionals
Useful Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks
Maximize Your Potential : The AI Tools You Need to Know About
Advanced Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks
Essential Cybersecurity Practices
Getting Started With Canva’s Powerful Features

Process Improvement Methodologies 

Towards Human Error Zero through KY
Lean and Six Sigma in brief
International Organization for Standardization(ISO) : Must know basics
ITIL 4 Foundation : Getting Started Guide

Japan Business, Culture & Other useful information 

A View of Japan Business Environment
Japanese Workplace Etiquette
Japanese Work Culture
Handy Japanese Proverbs & Idioms
Good to know rules for those employed in Japan
Japan’s new initiative : “Society 5.0”
Important documents information for those employed in Japan
My 5 Years in Japan : A Summary
Year End Tax Adjustment Process in Japan
Frequently Used Documents at Japanese Companies
Popular Japanese Proverbs and Idioms on Self-Development
Common Business Terminologies used in Japanese Companies

Physical, Mental, Spiritual Well-being & Personal Development

Beneficial Yoga Exercises That IT Professionals Must Try
Spiritual Intelligence : The Current Corporate World Trend
Meditation for self growth
Mind Management Basics
Boosting Immunity in the times of COVID-19 Virus Pandemic
Electromagnetic Field Protection : A must in today’s world
Useful Podcasts and Blogs for Personal growth and Well-being
Importance of Karma Yoga in Today’s World
Minimalism : The COVID-19 lockdown takeaways for work and life
The 5G Era & EMF Protection : Points to Ponder
Essential EMF Protection Tools Everyone Should Own
Techniques to Tame the Monkey Mind
Wisdom of Vedanta for Self Development
Profound Sayings from Ancient Scriptures for Personal Excellence
Importance of Morning Routine
Mindfulness in the Workplace
Bhagavad Gita to be a Better You
To Think Like A Stoic
Rules to Live By to Thrive at Life/Work
Powerful Quotes to Bring Out the Best in You
Vision Board : A Tool To Manifest Your Dreams
Harnessing the Transformative Power of Mudras
Sensing the Unseen: An Introduction to the Clair Senses
Unlocking the Power Within : A Beginner’s Guide to Chakras

Book Review 

Book Review : Life’s Amazing Secrets
Book Review : 21 Lessons for the 21st Century
Book Review : Life is what you make it
Book Review : The Art of Thinking Clearly
Book Review : Karma Yoga
Book Review : Man’s Search For Meaning
Book Review : Mindfulness in Plain English
Book Review : The Silva Mind Control Method
Book Review : IKIGAI
Book Review : Getting Things Done
Book Review : The Four Pillar Plan
Book Review : 7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfillment
Book Review : The Psychology of Money
Book Review : Commentaries on the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita


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