A vision board is a visualization tool for attracting the results that you intend to manifest in your life. This board of your future vision can include your dreams, goals and ideal life. The manifesting part is made possible by the law of attraction. The main focus of the law of attraction is that you need to be aware of your intentions, should frequently be reminded of them and feel gratitude about the event or emotion before the experience. Brain research proves that the mental rehearsal of feeling gratitude to the event before it actually occurs changes the circuitry in the brain as though the event has actually occurred.

I personally have tasted some success using vision boards. In this blog I would like to guide the readers on creating a vision board and on how to use it to manifest one’s expectations.

Creating a vision board

The creation of a vision board is a totally personal and customizable activity, so there is no one major rule to do it. However, in order for it be effective there are some points to be noted.

Types of vision board

The only limit to what you can create on a vision board is your imagination. Basically there are the physical and digital type of vision boards. The physical board takes more time and effort to create but can be more impactful, while the digital version is easier to have with you at all times (Example: As your device wallpaper). Under each type you can use different platforms to create the collages. The options available are as follows :

  • Physical board : poster board, cork board, foam board, framed display, pin board, metal grids, bullet journals, vision board book etc.
  • Digital board : computer, phone, Pinterest or other social media.

Make a list of your goals

Inorder to make your vision a reality, first you must know what your goals are. Spend some time thinking about your goals in the areas of relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth, health. Once the list is ready, think about what you want on the vision board w.r.t each item on your list. You can re-do a vision board whenever you feel it is the right time. In fact as a good practice it is advisable to create a new vision board every 6 to 12 months to be sure its current, inspiring and up to date with your values and priorities.

Gather the materials needed

Once your list of goals is ready, following would be the checklist to put your vision board together.

  • Platform to create the physical or digital vision board
  • Tape, pins, scissors, glue to put your board together
  • Images picked from online search/magazines that represent the experiences, feelings and emotions that you wish for
  • Affirmations, Inspirational words, Quotes & Thoughts
  • Make time to put the whole board together and Keep it clean

Creating an impact with vision boards

The more you surround yourself and your mind with the things you want to experience, the more you’ll actually get to experience the very same things in your life. This is so perfectly put in the adage: Energy goes where attention flows. Many experts believe that our subconscious is more powerful than the conscious mind. You can program the subconscious and unconscious part of the mind by putting in images, words and affirmations on a constant basis. This can be made possible by positioning your vision board at a place where you see it frequently.

Below are a few of the points that needs to be kept in mind in order to maximize the impact of vision boards.

  • In addition to looking at the vision boards, clearly visualize yourself living the life represented by the images on your vision board.
  • Read your daily affirmation, inspirational words aloud and feel it.
  • Believe that you are already living the future that you have designed.
  • Be grateful that the future is already present in your life. Recognize any goals that you have already achieved.
  • Remember to look at it just before going to bed and first thing upon rising. This is the time when the transition to different states of mind happen automatically, hence the effect will be more.

Nothing changes in life until and unless you put your plan into action. In order to reach your goals, along with the vision board you need to break your goals into manageable actions so that you can see your progress in real-time and ultimately the final result.

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