I’ll be frank: Blogging is tough work. And a lot of times, it’s not the actual writing that’ll get you; instead, you’ll find yourself stuck figuring out what topic you even want to write about. If you are currently feeling short of ideas for your next professional blog post (i.e, for your own site or for your company), the ideas presented here will be helpful in choosing your next blog post topic.

  • Advice to People Just Getting Started
    Give your advice to recent grads or people just entering your field on things or a new market, you wish you’d known about the industry when you were getting started.
  • A “How To” Guide for Something You Have Expertise In
    Do you rock at writing really great emails? Do you know how to create excellent dashboards? Share your experience with your readers and help them get great at that those skills, too.
  • Your Favorite Apps
    What computer applications do you use on a daily basis at work? Let your readers know your top five or 10!
  • Relevant Current Events
    If a current event is going to affect your industry, it’s a great idea to alert your readers and explain your point of view. For example, if you work as an outsourced resource, discuss all the updates w.r.t outsourcing rules and regulations. They’re relevant, and they’re definitely something other professionals would want to know about.
  • A Great Article
    In the same vein, have you read an article that’s incredibly relevant to your industry? Feel free to write your own personal response to it. Just make sure to give proper citation, especially if you quote the article, and add your own spin or thoughts on it so you aren’t just copying and pasting others’ work.
  • An Industry-Specific Book Review
    Talk about your favorite industry-specific books you’ve ever read. Include some of your favorite passages or quotes, and tell readers what to expect from the book. Also keep reading and updating your knowledge with any new book of interest.
  • Industry/Market Terminology
    Give your readers a beginner’s guide to your industry’s/market’s terminology. For example, when I first started to work for the Japanese IT market, i went on the hunt on internet looking for the meaning of typical japanese business words.
  • Course Outlines
    This can be a great method for generating blog post ideas. Nowadays online courses have been incredibly popular and one thing they usually have in common is a course outline, that tells you what to expect and what’s covered in the course. This is treasure! If you’re an expert in the subject, you should have no problem using the ideas from the course as a jumping off point.
  • Your Favorite Career/Business Quotes
    Talk about your favorite career quotes—meaning, usage example/s at workplace, what we can learn from them.
  • Get Ideas From Competitors
    The content marketing tool “buzzsumo.com” can be used to find the most shared content based on the keyword. One more website “Quora.com“, basically a Q&A site, can be used to search topics based on keyword and also the comments of users can used to pick up ideas.

The great thing about all of these ideas is that there are many different variations for you to choose from. So, pick your idea and start blogging.