I came across the book name “The Silva Mind Control Method” when I was listening to a pocast. The podcast founder mentioned this book to have brought transformation in his life. Since I regularly meditate, the topic of mind control raised my curiosity further. I had mentioned in one of my earlier blogs on meditation regarding the alpha, beta and theta states of the mind. This book is actually a compilation of the four day Silva Mind Control course that teaches a person to use his/her alpha level of mind effectively. The course teaches a person to think while in the state of relaxation, techniques of habit control, problem solving, goal achievement, health care etc. After going through the book and putting into practice a few of the topics, i am looking forward to reap the benefits.

The developer of Silva Mind Control method and the author of this book is Jose Silva. It was developed in the 70s by him and millions have been trained on it so far. Even today we can find institutes training people on this method. It was surprising to note that this course was even introduced in a few schools in the US to improve students abilities. Many renowned psychiatrists had evaluated the method and had found it to be useful too.

Before developing the course, Jose did a lot of research on the mind. As he was into radio repair business he knew about electronics. Since low resistance circuits make best use of electric energy, he applied the same logic to the mind. He started with hypnosis but gave it up as the mind did not have the reasoning power in that state. Later, he moved on to experimenting with mind training exercises inorder to reach the lower levels. He succeeded in proving that we can learn to function with awareness at the alpha and theta frequencies of the brain. Also, these levels proved more effective than beta in learning. One can reach the alpha state by meditating for 15 to 20 minutes. However, in the book Jose suggests another easy method to reach/come out of the alpha state with better control.

Going forward, Jose gives ideas to go beyond the passive meditation. Once at the meditative/alpha level, one can use it to solve problems. Jose suggests the mental screen technique to visualise small, everyday problems in order to solve them. The same technique can be used to connect a real event to a desirable one, provided the imaginary event is desirable, believable and must be expected to happen. While going about your day, suppose you need to recollect something but doesn’t come to your mind easily. Instead of taking time to go to your level and visualise the event to recall, Jose suggests an emergency method. The triggering mechanism to reach alpha instantly is just bringing together your three fingers but must be internalized first at alpha.

Once mastered, Jose suggests the three finger technique for learning, reading a book that helps to improve concentration and better grasp the information. Next he moves on to the topic of dream control, i.e, using dreams to solve problems. Just before going to sleep, go to your level and review the problem. Program yourself with words to have a dream as mentioned in the book. When you get awakened in the night or in the morning write down the dream and interpret it. Jose provides many cases where people have found solutions to their problems in this way. Next he mentions the power of words. He has ample proof to say that the power of words is greatly amplified at meditative levels. He suggests a couple of positive sentences to say at the alpha level that has produced impressive results.

Jose later on provides a few ways of enriching and improving a marriage through meditation. The condition here is both the partners should be willing and should have the knowledge of the techniques provided in the book. The result will be a stronger and deeper level of intimacy that only years of living together could achieve. Later on he redefines ESP as “Effective Sensory Projection” to train people to perform psychically. To reach this level one has to have 30 to 40 hours of mind control training. This way you can detect illness in persons you have never seen and also project healing. This is really astonishing but it is a fact and gets better with practice. This method of meditation and visualisation to heal abnormalities is called psychic healing. Jose advices the people who perform psychic healing to keep it to themselves.

Towards the end of the book there is a mention of many businesses built from ground up using mind control techniques. Businesses were built on new innovative products, investment club etc. Even in company employees who took the course, found their jobs to be more enjoyable, found solutions to perplexing problems. Going by all the proven information provided in the book there should be no doubt that this book has the potential to change a person’s life if followed seriously.

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