There are three things I wanted to share on my “About” page: A bit about me, a bit about what got me started, and a bit about the blog’s inspiration.

About Me :

Hey there! I am Sampath Kumar Ananda, an experienced and passionate engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the IT field for more than a decade and half with enormous curiosity for the latest technologies.  Also my lengthy exposure to Japanese market pushes me to explore interesting topics related to Japan.

Here you can find my blogs on different topics pertaining to IT, Methodologies, Self-Improvement or anything else that is worth sharing. I wish it will help in increasing your technical and general aptitude.

About the Blog’s Start:

I guess my curiosity to learn new things got me started on the blogging journey long back. But the seriousness in blogging can be vowed to a newsletter that i received one day at one of my previous employers which detailed on the advantages of blogging. The newsletter was from John Somnez of simple programmer that gave a step by step introduction to get started.

John Somnez gets all the credit in the world for getting me into serious blogging for which I will remain grateful.

About the Blog’s Spirit:

Getting started is one thing but maintaining the consistency is another aspect. Specifically two things have driven me in maintaining the consistency.

  1. Karma Yoga – We can learn various things from Karma Yoga. But i would like to highlight two things; Whatever action or work you do should be done with utmost diligence. Whatever fruit we gain in life should be shared freely. I have gained knowledge from others and my hope with my blog is to share back with the world, to the extent that I can.
  2. Senescence Mis-Influence Tendency – This is one of the cognitive biases of the brain as said by Charlie Munger. Since aging is inevitable, there is also a natural loss of certain skills and abilities associated with age. Fill your life with learning and practicing new skills that you enjoy, starting at an early age and carrying that practice around with you for life. Constantly learning new skills and ideas and practicing old ones promote neuroplasticity that slow the natural loss process.