The tag line used on this website is “Be Conscious Be More”. Just by going through the sentence you might get some idea of what it really means. My fascination on the topic of consciousness made me to come up with the tag line. It all started with my interest in learning more about the human mind and its capabilities.

It is important to mention here the words of Swami Vivekananda, “The difference between an ordinary person and a great person lies in the degree of concentration”. There is a deeper meaning to this sentence, i.e., a person who can concentrate more can achieve more in life. The degree of concentration or focus is directly related to the level of consciousness or awareness.

Our personality is made out of how we think ,act & feel. If we want to change our lives we need to change our personality. The first step to this is, we need to start becoming conscious of our unconscious thoughts, notice how we act & feel. What we take in through the senses becomes the content of the mind. What you repeat in your mind becomes your memory ,i.e, the subconscious. The way to cultivate good thoughts, good memories and remove negativity is to expose ourselves consciously to good stuff that will help us grow.

Numerous neuroscientists have conducted studies that have revealed that only 5% of our cognitive activities is consciously done whereas the remaining 95% is performed without us being conscious of them. So it is important to avoid being in the auto pilot mode, where we are driven by our minds. Let us become more and more conscious so that we can drive our minds in the right direction to achieve more in whatever we do.

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