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Book Review : 7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfillment

I just happened to read the review of this book while searching for information on books to read. A lot of books are available in the field of personal development and well being. However, what fascinated me about this book… Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Four Pillar Plan

This was a long pending book on my reading list that I finally finished reading recently. Just when the book was released a few years back, I had listened to a lot of podcasts featuring the author that raised my… Continue Reading →

Book Review : Getting Things Done

I came across the mention of the book, Getting Things Done when I was going through an online video on productivity tools. My honest opinion after completing the book is that everyone in the corporate world should go through this… Continue Reading →

Book Review : IKIGAI

I came across this book name “Ikigai” on a social media platform. Apart from being a bestseller, what aroused my interest about the book was its spiritual essence and the life improvement ideas that it promises to provide the reader. My… Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Silva Mind Control Method

I came across the book name “The Silva Mind Control Method” when I was listening to a pocast. The podcast founder mentioned this book to have brought transformation in his life. Since I regularly meditate, the topic of mind control… Continue Reading →

Book Review : Mindfulness in Plain English

I came across the book “Mindfulness¬†in Plain English” when I was searching for good books on meditation. This being one of the most read books on meditation increased my curiosity towards it. I am practicing meditation since past few years…. Continue Reading →

Book Review : Man’s Search For Meaning

As this book was suggested in many of the podcasts, and personal development being one of my areas of interest made me to take up this book. Though this book was released more than 70 years ago, the concepts without… Continue Reading →

Book Review : Karma Yoga

I frequently watch videos on Youtube on various topics. Spirituality is one topic that fascinates me and i happened to come across many videos pertaining to Karma Yoga being taught at eminent technological institutes and business schools. In one of… Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Art of Thinking Clearly

It is common to see the advertisement posters on Tokyo metro which is where I happened to see the poster of this book one day. The poster mentioned that the book being an international best seller had been translated into… Continue Reading →

Book Review : Life is what you make it

I picked the book, Life is what you make it, simply because it was a NY times best seller and the title of the book pulled me towards it. My honest opinion after reading the book is that it is… Continue Reading →

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