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Common Business Terminologies used in Japanese Companies

Anyone who works at a Japanese company or aspires to work there will find this blog to be of great use. During formal meetings as well as casual conversations, it is typical to utilise either japanese, katakana, english or other… Continue Reading →

An Introduction to AWS Cloud & APN

Recently i obtained the AWS Business Professional Accreditation. In this blog i would like to explain in brief about my learning on the topic. Necessity of moving to the Cloud As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, the benefits… Continue Reading →

Good to know rules for those employed in Japan

The cliché of jobs for life in Japan has rarely been less true. However, fewer Japanese companies retain lifetime employment now. Reforms introduced by former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi a decade ago liberalized the labor market, accelerating the growth of… Continue Reading →

Japanese Work Culture

When i was looking for the topic to write my next blog, one day on my way to office through the Tokyo metro, saw the below advertisement about a ‘business chat application’ posted above the train window which pushed me… Continue Reading →

Japanese Workplace Etiquette

Necessity of Business Manners Business manner is the basic necessity in-order to work smoothly in a society or a workplace environment. So if the foundation of business manner is strong, trust with others can be built easily leading to a… Continue Reading →

A View of Japan Business Environment

In this blog we will get know all about Japan’s Corporate, Banking and Government sectors post world war 2 and the challenges the country is facing today. So let’s dive into the topic right away. Economic Situation in Japan –… Continue Reading →

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