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Frequently Used Documents at Japanese Companies

Anyone who has been employed at a Japanese company for some time might have come across various documents required in different situations. The exchange of documents can be either top-down, bottom-up or between the subordinates within an organization. However, the… Continue Reading →

Year End Tax Adjustment Process in Japan

As the year comes to a close in Japan, it is common for employees of private companies and government to fill their year end tax adjustment forms. In case you are self employed then there is a separate process called… Continue Reading →

My 5 Years in Japan : A Summary

As I am writing this blog at Bangalore/Bengaluru, I can recollect most of my experiences over the past 5 years at Japan. Since I would like to write it in a single blog post, will highlight only the important points…. Continue Reading →

Minimalism : The COVID-19 lockdown takeaways for work and life

Minimalism is a word that carries a lot of weight these days, even though it’s a concept that has been around for centuries. Minimalism refers to a lifestyle that is about living with less, get rid of clutter that doesn’t… Continue Reading →

Microsoft IME : A Brief Overview

We have been using this handy thing called the IME on Windows OS that does some magic to allow us to type pretty easily in Japanese. This is actually a little freebie that has been thrown into Windows. It is… Continue Reading →

Important documents information for those employed in Japan

The following are some of the documents that you are sure to come across when employed in Japan. The knowledge of the list will certainly be helpful to the ones new to Japan but there is a possibility that one… Continue Reading →

Japan’s new initiative : “Society 5.0”

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s came to power in 2012, since then the policy initiatives for addressing Japan’s major structural challenges have proliferated. The prominent policy of Abenomics has been complimented by a womenomics spinoff focused on empowering women in the… Continue Reading →

Good to know rules for those employed in Japan

The cliché of jobs for life in Japan has rarely been less true. However, fewer Japanese companies retain lifetime employment now. Reforms introduced by former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi a decade ago liberalized the labor market, accelerating the growth of… Continue Reading →

Handy Japanese Proverbs & Idioms

Another blog post idea picked from a Tokyo metro advertisement. This time the point of focus in the advertisement is a one liner/idiom「#まとまると強い」 which focuses on improving workplace efficiency through team work.The advertiser here is advertising about the new cloud… Continue Reading →

Japanese Work Culture

When i was looking for the topic to write my next blog, one day on my way to office through the Tokyo metro, saw the below advertisement about a ‘business chat application’ posted above the train window which pushed me… Continue Reading →

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