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Essential Cybersecurity Practices

Recently I obtained the ISC2 Certification in Cybersecurity. In this blog, “Essential Cybersecurity Practices” I have tried to highlight the knowledge that i gained, which is nothing but the best practices needed for securing the digital landscape. Apart from the… Continue Reading →

Common Business Terminologies used in Japanese Companies

Anyone who works at a Japanese company or aspires to work there will find this blog to be of great use. During formal meetings as well as casual conversations, it is typical to utilise either japanese, katakana, english or other… Continue Reading →

ITIL 4 Foundation : Getting Started Guide

Recently i obtained the ITIL 4 Foundation certification. In this blog i will write in brief about my learning on the topic. Introduction As you might be knowing, ITIL is a framework for service management. ITIL is the most widely… Continue Reading →

Japanese Workplace Etiquette

Necessity of Business Manners Business manner is the basic necessity in-order to work smoothly in a society or a workplace environment. So if the foundation of business manner is strong, trust with others can be built easily leading to a… Continue Reading →

Towards Human Error Zero through KY

Purpose The most common cause of workplace accidents or industrial accidents is often attributed to human error such as operational error, judgmental error, and job-related error, all of which are caused by human characteristics. Human behavioral characteristics, such as mistakes… Continue Reading →

International Organization for Standardization(ISO) : Must know basics

What is ISO ISO refers to International Organization for Standardization. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and is a non-governmental organization. A total of 163 countries are affiliated with the organization. In order to smoothen international transactions with respect to… Continue Reading →

Understanding Data Center and Service Desk Operations

A data center is a facility that centralizes an organization’s IT operations and equipment, as well as where it stores, manages, and diseminates its data. Data centers house a network’s most critical systems and are vital to the continuity of… Continue Reading →

Lean and Six Sigma in brief

Lean Lean is basically a set of organization processes required to develop a product or service from initial concept to the final delivery to the customer by reducing waste and adding customer defined value. Lean means doing more with less… Continue Reading →

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