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Mindfulness in the Workplace

I had detailed upon the topic of mindfulness in one of my earlier blog posts. Here i would like to highlight the importance and the ways to practice mindfulness at work as part of your daily routine. Meditation applies the… Continue Reading →

Importance of Morning Routine

Each of us are what we repeatedly do, what we repeatedly say, what we repeatedly believe in. Excellence, positivity, joy, then, are not mere acts but habits. Habits are what we cultivate, repeat, and live. What this means is that… Continue Reading →

ITIL 4 Foundation : Getting Started Guide

Recently i obtained the ITIL 4 Foundation certification. In this blog i will write in brief about my learning on the topic. Introduction As you might be knowing, ITIL is a framework for service management. ITIL is the most widely… Continue Reading →

Launch a Webserver on Azure : A Step by Step Guide

In this blog post i will be taking you through a step by step procedure on how to create a virtual machine, webserver and connect to the internet. The below block diagram depicts the overall picture of the final implementation…. Continue Reading →

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals : An Overview

Recently i obtained the AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification. In this blog post i will be writing in brief about my learning on the topic. Azure Architectural Components First and foremost thing is let us learn the organizing structure for… Continue Reading →

AppSheet : The No-code App Development Platform

I was using MS Excel to keep track of my expenses and was thinking about using Excel VBA to automate the entry. But when i came across the Google AppSheet platform i had no more thoughts about automating with Excel… Continue Reading →

Data Visualization : Google Data Studio Dashboard Basics

In one of my previous blogs i had detailed upon dashboard creation using MS Excel. Here, i will be focusing on the Google Data Studio dashboard creation. MS Excel, Google sheets are spreadsheet programs that can be used to capture,… Continue Reading →

Profound Sayings from Ancient Scriptures for Personal Excellence

Ethos is a Greek word that has meaning such as “character” or “custom”. However, at present, ethos refers to the guiding beliefs and values that distinguish a person, society or institution from others. Another term called ethics combines the meaning… Continue Reading →

Wisdom of Vedanta for Self Development

In this post i will be dealing with some of the aspects of vedanta. Since my area of interest is personal development, i have taken up the topic of vedanta with focus on how to make our lives better. The… Continue Reading →

Techniques to Tame the Monkey Mind

Those who are following my posts regularly might have read my earlier posts on meditation, karma yoga and mind control basics. In this post i will also be taking inputs from my above mentioned posts to list the various tools… Continue Reading →

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